Currying Favor by Sam Shifton

Posted on Oct 29, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

Curry preparations reached Japan around the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of 20th century, and quickly became popular. Interestingly, curry was not introduced by Indians but…. by Westerners, probably the British, who brought curry dishes from their Indian colony. So, Japanese curry is unique in flavor and texture. Click the above link and find out more about Japanese curry. In The Japanese Kitchen you will find my mom’s delicious curry (page...

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Misoshiru is powerful No. 2 – choice and variety

Posted on Oct 26, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

Are you using only one type of miso for your miso soup?  That’s boring. Here are my tips how to enjoy differently flavored, delicious miso soup throughout the year…. Point 4: During summer I flavor miso soup saltier using saltier type miso, and in winter, milder, using sweeter variety. Miso is available in different colors, and the color suggests the length of fermentation period. This determines the characteristics of the miso; the flavor, aroma and...

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Misoshiru (Miso Soup) is Powerful

Posted on Oct 18, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

I recently gave a lecture demonstration on miso and misoshiru (miso soup) at the New York Mutual Trading Company at the Japanese Restaurant Show in New York City. Let me share with you … Some of the key points I made during my demonstration…. Point 1: Misoshiru in Japan is like coffee in America. We enjoy it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You need milk or cream for your coffee. To miso soup, we add varieties of ingredients including seasonal produce, seafood,...

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