Misoshiru is powerful No. 2 – choice and variety

Posted on Oct 26, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

Are you using only one type of miso for your miso soup?  That’s boring. Here are my tips how to enjoy differently flavored, delicious miso soup throughout the year….

Point 4: During summer I flavor miso soup saltier using saltier type miso, and in winter, milder, using sweeter variety. Miso is available in different colors, and the color suggests the length of fermentation period. This determines the characteristics of the miso; the flavor, aroma and saltiness. In this way miso is like cheese. The lighter one is short-fermented, so it has milder flavor and low sodium. The dark brown type is longer-fermented, so the flavor is rich, robust and salty.

Point 5: Blend and make your own miso!!! I keep one package of sweet, light colored miso, and one package of the salty, brown type in my freezer. Freezer is the best place to store your miso. I blend two varieties together according to the season. During hot summertime, I blend 90% dark (so called “red” akamiso) with 10% light, sweet variety (so called Saikyo shiromiso). Decrease the red variety and increase the white as the temperature gets cooler and colder. I will share with my favorite winter misoshiru recipes in the next post.