Extramadura tomato soup!

Posted on Nov 27, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

I return to Spain once a year around November to teach Japanese cooking classes. My stay this year started on November 16th in Madrid. Rosa Tover, my colleague, a food historian, cookbook author, an editor specializes in translating foreign works to Spanish language books and a great chef, invited me to her home for a memorable dinner. Our dinner started with tomato soup from the Extramadura region of Spain. Unlike well-known gaspacho from Andalucia which is preparred with...

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This gorgeous Katsuo (skipjack tuna)!

Posted on Nov 13, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

This gorgeous katsuo (skipjack tuna) comes from Blue Moon Seafood who operate their own fishing boat set up a retail stand every Wednesday here at the farmers market held in Union Square. Locals know that they carry the best fish in the town. The fisherman, Alex Villani, moors his fish boat at Mattituck Inlet in Long Island. He goes out to the sea around 3:30am and moves to a point about 4 miles from the shore where he throws his nets to snare the local seasonal fish. Porgy...

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Oh, wasabi!

Posted on Nov 11, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

I know that many of you love wasabi as I do. However, you may do not know what real wasabi tastes like. Ordinary sushi restaurant uses wasabi powder, which is mixed with water. This is not really wasabi at all; they are mixtures of ordinary white horseradish, mustard powder, and artificial flavor and color. Why not treating yourself with a real root ! It is available at…. www.realwasabi.com. To grate it the best grater is made from a piece of sharkskin glued to a...

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Misoshiru is powerful No. 3

Posted on Nov 6, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

Today I want to tell you about some of my favorite miso. The darker one on the left is kidaru jukusei mugi miso from Fundokin Company. It is a dark, barley miso. The lighter one on the right is sweet, white kojimiso from ……. Miyako Oriental Company (Yamajirushi brand). If these particular miso are not available in your neighborhood, pick one which is the dark brown variety and choose another sweet type white miso.  Purchase miso that has no chemical additives...

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