Oh, wasabi!

Posted on Nov 11, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

I know that many of you love wasabi as I do. However, you may do not know what real wasabi tastes like. Ordinary sushi restaurant uses wasabi powder, which is mixed with water. This is not really wasabi at all; they are mixtures of ordinary white horseradish, mustard powder, and artificial flavor and color. Why not treating yourself with a real root ! It is available at….

www.realwasabi.com. To grate it the best grater is made from a piece of sharkskin glued to a small wooden board. This does fine job. If you don’t have one of these, use your finest metal grater. Really fresh root is very green on the surface. If you find the skin turning slightly darker in color, remove thin peel with a vegetable peeler. Find the top end of the root (where the leaves grow), and grate it from the top. Go slow in circular motion. While grating green grassy aroma hit your nose. Wonderful! Grated wasabi has mellow sweetness and refreshing, grassy taste. I love to serve grated wasabi over steaming hot rice with julienned nori along wiht white sesame seeds and a little shoyu (Japanese soy sauce). Simple and delicious! Try and find out many more delicious ways and please let me know of the results!