Shrimp for our toshikoshi soba and final dish

Posted on Dec 31, 2008 in Hiroko's Blog

I found fairly large size shrimp ( 12 to 15 pieces per pound; not head-on; farmed in Vietnam, frozen, and defrosted) at my neighbourhood Whole Food store. It was pricy at 

$19.99 per pound but I purchase some for the special occasion. Before frying the shrimp I did usual trick. First I made several shallow diagonal cuts on the belly side of peeled shrimp (without cutting through the shrimp). Then, I picked the shrimp and pulled both ends, bending backward. This prevents the shrimp from curling up in heated oil. You see the stretched shrimp sitting on the right side on the plate. Finally I made my family tradition – soba noodles with shrimp tempura. Oh, it was delicious and I am sure that our healthy life is assured for 2009.