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Unique production of Suzu-shio

Unique production of Suzu-shio

Category: Hiroko's Blog

My favorite salt, Suzu-shio, is made by a very unique process. The collected salt water is sprayed over a bamboo curtain that looks like the……

Venetian blinds that may be in your home. These blinds are hung from the ceiilng and reach to the floor. When the salt water runs down along the blinds, some moisture evaporates (Japan is humid, so moisture evaporataion goes painfully slow). The collected salt water at the bottom is re-sprayed again on the bamboo blinds. Repetition of this process eventually produces saturated salt water! This is then transferred to large stainless steel pots and crystalized over a gently burning wood fire for two days. Who is stirring the pot? I will tell you in my next post.

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