Brown rice, dark red rice and quinoa blended sushi salad

Posted on Feb 6, 2009 in Recipes

This is an additional recipe from CIA Conference. This is a healthy, new style sushi. I cook brown rice, dark red rice and black quinoa together for the sushi rice. Quinoa is a super grain because of its nutritional value. In many areas, such as the content of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber, exceeds that of brown rice. This blend in sushi rice not only boosts nutritional value, but adds additional crunchiness, nutty flavor and attractive...

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One more infomation for the lamb miso ragu

Posted on Feb 2, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

In my previous post I did not mention how to cleverly use miso, which is high in sodium (like cheese!), without loading too much sodium into the prepared dishes.Choose artisan-made, long fermented miso, which is packed with rich flavor – miso is a natural flavor enhancer. Blend two types – sweet-white and salty-brown – in order to triple or quadruple the flavor.  Using such a balance of well made, highly flavored miso MEANS THAT YOU ACTUALLY USE LESS MISO...

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Soba with Miso Lamb Ragu!

Posted on Feb 1, 2009 in Recipes

This is the soba noodle recipe which I presented at the CIA Greystone Conference, and want to share with you.  The way how we flavor and serve soba noodles in Japan is little intimidating to the majority of Americans – for cold soba you dip the cold noodles in strongly flavored, cold sauce and eat them by slurping; for hot soba you catch little by little swimming hot noodles in the broth in a process that may be difficult for you. So, here I have created a soba dish...

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