ONIOROSHI – devil grater

Posted on Mar 5, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

In the past two weeks my blog site was not working. Now I am happily back to it. The onioroshi is one of my favorite kitchen tools. The direct translation of onioroshi sounds

scary. It is “devil grater”. The grating parts of the onioroshi are made of bamboo. This is a very popular grater used in the Japanese kitchen. Each triangular tooth is large, sharply pointed and spaced about 1/3 inch apart. Because of the extreme sharpness grating should be done withlots of care or your fingers start to bleed as if bitten by a devil while doing the job! We use the grater mainly for graiting daikon radish (carrot, cucumber and apple are other fit vegetables) when we want to have a chunky and juicier result. My mother prepared many dishes with this chunky grated daikon radish especially during cold winter time when the radish develops wonderful sweetness. And here is my favorite dish – onioroshi daikon radish salad. You need just a little salt and vinegar to make this very simple, but refreshing dish.