From Barcelona No. 2

Posted on Jun 5, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

After a huge tapas lunch I decided to stroll aimlessly down the narrow streets of the Gotic district.  Aimlessness was not really my plan.  Since I have no sense of direction whatsoever, getting lost among maze streets was easy to do.  Suddenly a small, open store front with as sign saying “The Bagel Shop – The True Bagel Experience” caught my eye.  This was completely unexpected in Barcelona so I walked into the store and met and chatted with the owner.  I learned that the store had been there for 11 years.  The owner said he had a relationship with a bagel store in Montreal, Canada, and I found that the bagels were the same as those I have eaten there.  They are very different from New York bagels.  I have checked the varieties of bagels that he carried – small bagels with basil, bagels with almonds, and bagels with chocolate – all very Barcelona style….Even these tiny bagels reminded me where I was.  I purchased one bagel and one croissant.  They served as a perfect snack after my long walk.  The bagel shop is on Canuda 25, Barcelona.