From Barcelona No.3 Alberto Adria

Posted on Jun 7, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

After leaving his brother’s restaurant, El Bulli, Alberto Adria opened and operates his own tapas bar restaurant, Inopia in the city.  When we arrived around 2pm on Sunday, there was already a line of people waiting for the seats.  Alberto spotted us and whisked us into the crowded restaurant.  Soon two counter seats were vacated and we could luckily sit down and taste his delightful creations.  Alberto enthusiastically told me about the dishes that he serves at his restaurant.  They are traditional, authentic tapas dishes but prepared with the highest quality ingredients and quality techniques.  Like Japanese dishes they are prepared to preserve the natural flavor of each ingredient.  Anchovies prepared on the premises were meaty, less salty and very flavorful with a tinge of bitterness compared to the usual canned variety.  Bocarones were also meaty and fresh tasting – the canned counterpart is usually too acid and too firm in texture.  Carefully de-salted, tender bacalao was served with a local, special tomato, bathed in one of the best olive oils in the region.  The bread for pan-con-tomate was not ordinary, boring white bread, but the best crisp artisan bread in 6the city.  Alberto is simply improving the time-tested tapas dishes without changing traditional spirit.  The clients included cool looking couples, groups of friends of all ages and families with small kid.  Alberto was also pampering his 2 years old son from time to time.  In his restaurant there is no deconstruction and reconstruction or chemicals involved in his preparations.  That was a big relief to me and I loved the idea that everything tasted “real” with no artificial “enhancements”.  From Tuesday through Saturday when the restaurant is serving from 7pm to 11pm, more than hudred people stand in a line.  On Sunday the restaurant is open for lunch.  Alberto warned me about the crowd with a big smile.  I will definitely go back.