Happy Pills(!) from Barcelona

Posted on Jun 8, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

In El Born, one of the trendiest neighborhood of Barcelona, tapas bars, gelato stores, clothing shops and other unique stores stands to next each other.  Some stores survive many years and others come and go.  The newest addition to this locale is a tiny, cool-looking store called “Happy Pills”.  You can tell that this is not an conventional drug store from colorful jelly beans, including M&M type candies, – over 50 different varieties – sold from large plastic containers.  Here is the photo of my purchase (Currently I cannot post the photo because of technical problem; I will post it when the problem is solved.) for my step-son’s daughters and son.  The larger bottle is 10 Euro and the smaller one, 5.  You purchase the bottle and fill it with the jelly beans of your choice.  Shapes varies from sunny-side up egg to a Coca Cola bottle, fish, watermelon, strawberry, heart, starfish, fish,…..Most of them are wonderfully gooey type candies.  Happy pills – what a great name!