Microwave oven and konbini bento

Posted on Jul 29, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

I know that by now you are tired of konbini blogs, so this is my last one.  During my time in Tokyo I stayed at a temporary apartment which my husband who is renting the place for his business.  This small apartment has a standard Japanese kitchen which is equipped with small freezer-refrigerator, a two gas burner rangeand a small microwave oven.  The microwave oven does more than the usual jobs such as defrosting, beverage heating, re-heating and microwave cooking.  There is a special button saying, “KONBINI“.  This function is especially for re-heating the konbini bento much better(?) than using the regular re-heating function.  Home electric appliance companies are also cashing in the consumers’ konbini bento craze.