Some tips for traveling Japan

Posted on Aug 12, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

1. Purchase a Japan Rail Pass before leaving for Japan at a travel agency.  This saves you a lot.  You can travel on the JR railway which covers the entire nation and reaches to everye corner of the four major islands.  The price of the passes are: 7-day for 28,300 YEN ($290), 14-day for 45,100 YEN ($460) and 21-day for 57,700 YEN ($580).  I purchased 7-day pass and traveled the distance which would have cost $800 at regular ticket prices.

2. Bring a couple of handkerchief with you or purchase some when you arrive in Japan.  Keep them always in your handbag or pocket.  You constantly need them at public toilets which do not supply paper towel and at many casual restaurants you do not find napkins.