Last Fresh Edamame Before the End of Summer

Posted on Sep 5, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Heralding the arrival of summer, edamame, are one of the most celebrated delicacies in summer in Japan.  It is almost impossible for us to endure the long hot and humid summer without these delicious green beans.  Boiled green soybeans dusted with sea salt with a glass of ice-cold beer or barley tea is a summertime treat    throughout the country.  In the past several years edamame has become indispensable snack items at US Japanese restaurants.  As they became popular...

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The best way to enjoy vegetables

Posted on Sep 1, 2009 in Recipes

I enjoy vegetable tempura from time to time…My friend, Suvir Saran (a charming, skilled and successful chef, consultant and cookbook author), told me that his experiences eating tempura at Japanese restaurants have not been satisfactory.  He has found that the dough is…. too thick, heavy, not crisp and the taste is oily.  So, I prepared for him proper summer vegetable tempura using beets, zucchini, carrot, mushroom and zucchini flower.  My tempura was light and...

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