VERY Slimy Yamaimo in Okonomi-yaki

Posted on Oct 30, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Okonomi-yaki is a stuffed pancake similar to a crepe.  The standard type is filled with lots of cabbage and small portion of protein such as thinly sliced pork or beef, shellfish or both and served with a somewhat sweet sauce.  Various Japanese cities – Tokyo, Osaka and especially Hiroshima – are proud of their versions of this popular fast food that is often sold at food stands on the streets and at festival grounds.  When you go to the okonomi-yaki specialty...

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Work on to return to Central Market

Posted on Oct 22, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Thank you, Julia, for your comment.  I am going to miss you at my Ramen and Gyoza class this coming Saturday.  I will work on to make a return to Central Market and teach additional Japanese classes – pherhaps Ramen and Gyoza – in the near future.  Please come to assist me in the class!  Good luck! ...

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Aebleskiver and laurel leaf

Posted on Oct 19, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Maud, thank you very much for your comment.  I googled and found the information about Aebleskiver.  Your pancake look much puffier than your neighbour’s Poffertjes, and reminds me of our Takoyaki.  It says that Aebleskiver is a before-the-Christmas, seasonal delicacy enjoyed with glogg.  When I visited your country 2 years ago I missed the chance to savor it because I was there in the wrong season.  Poffertjes, Aebleskiver and Takoyaki are all members of the pancake...

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Takoyaki ??? No.2

Posted on Oct 12, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

During Takoyaki and Poffertjes search I also found the existence of additional Poffertjes-like dish.  It is Indian Paniyaram.  Paniyaram is rounder like Takoyaki but the use of aromatic spices and chutney sauce makes Paniyaram a very distinctive and different cousin of Takoyaki.  You can google Paniyaram and you will find a video in which an Indian guy showing how to cook Paniyaram.Now how do I prove that the Dutch Poffertjes inspired us and Indians to create Takoyaki in...

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Posted on Oct 7, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

This November’s Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Conference is focused on street foods of the world.  As one of the presenters representing Japanese cuisine, I have been researching Japanese street foods.  One of the signature street food is the Takoyaki and I have stumbled on its fascinating history.  Takoyaki is a mini pancake in the shape and size of golf ball.  Crepe like batter (made from flour, egg and dashi, Japanese fish stock) is poured in depressions in...

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