Aebleskiver and laurel leaf

Posted on Oct 19, 2009 in Hiroko's Blog

Maud, thank you very much for your comment.  I googled and found the information about Aebleskiver.  Your pancake look much puffier than your neighbour’s Poffertjes, and reminds me of our Takoyaki.  It says that Aebleskiver is a before-the-Christmas, seasonal delicacy enjoyed with glogg.  When I visited your country 2 years ago I missed the chance to savor it because I was there in the wrong season.  Poffertjes, Aebleskiver and Takoyaki are all members of the pancake family.  Now my question is who invented dented cast iron skillet for small-size pancake production instead of flat griddle which produces larger pancake….my search goes on.

Snadra Roberts asked me for clarification of the term of laurel leaf used in my mother’s beef tongue stew recipe that I posted.  According to Sandra laurel leaf is poisonous (didn’t Socrates die after drinking laurel leaf tea?).  I investigated and found that in Japan we call what in the West is called “bay leaf” as “laurel leaf”.  When this herb was introduced to Japan, bay laurel leaf became known as “laurel leaf”.  Isn’t it true; language misunderstanding can have very serious consequences – not just in cooking!