This is VERY good – Vicera knife

Posted on Apr 12, 2010 in Hiroko's Blog

Vicera (be-cera), ceramic knife company, sent me two made-in-Japan ceramic knives for evaluation.  One is a Santoku knife with 5.5-inch blade, and the other, a Chef’s knife with 6-inch blade.  Because of my job as a chef-consultant/chef-instructor, I never thought of owning a ceramic knife.  The image of the ceramic knife has been that it is delicate, fragile and unable to polish by the owner.  Taking care of my steel knives with polishing stones has been my professional responsibility, pleasure and pride, even though it requires time and effort.  This was not possible with previous ceramic knives.

At a glance the blade of Vicera ceramic knife looked somehow sturdier and more sppealing than the other ceramic knives that I encountered in the past.  The grip was also quite comfortable with its perfect shape.  So, I started to use it to cut simple items such as breakfast fruits and miso soup vegetables.  Every cut I made was sharp, smooth and clean.  It is very easy to use and store.  So, I expanded its use in my daily home kitchen for cutting boned fish, meat and chicken (it is advised not to de-bone chicken or fish, or cut against hard objects such as bone, pits or stones of fruits).  It did not disappoint me.  So, Vicera knife became an every day handy knife in my home kitchen.

According to the knife maker the particles that make up the ceramic blades are ultra-fine and therefore produce a blade that is extremely smooth and non-porous (you can see its absolute smoothness even in these photos) and stain resistant.  I have cut beets (thin for my favorite tempura), carrots and other colorful vegetables many times.  Only gentle rinsing under cold tap water removes all these colors; different from earlier ceramic knives I have known that stained easily because of their rough, porous surface.

 Vicera ceramic knives retain their sharp cutting edge 300 times better than stainless steel knives and 5.5. times better than the ceramic knives of competitors according to the manufacturer.  As for sharpening this is a big difference from other competitors.  Those other ceramic knives must be sent back to the factory for re-sharpening.  Vicera, on the other hand, has a sharpening tool that anyone can easily use to keep the knife in top quality, very sharp condition.

Again, I never thought until my experience with Vicera that ceramic knives would become permanent residents in my kitchen.  I am sure that you will fall in love with them as I have.  This is a wonderful gift to yourself and to your loved ones and friends.  Check out Vicera knives at Hiroko’s Amazon Store or for a purchase.