Hiroko’s Essential Japanese Cooking Course at ICC

Posted on Sep 23, 2010 in Hiroko's Blog

Hiroko’s Essential Japanese Cooking Courseis running next year at International Culinary Center (ICC)/ French Culinary Institute (FCI)!  Anyone who wishes to learn the art of Japanese cooking to a thorough extent should join my Essential Japanese Cookuign Course at ICC/FCI in New York in July and October, 2011.  The course consists of five consecutive days of classes.  Here you will have the opportunity to master the complete key aspects of Japanese cooking.  The course is organized as follows:

  • Day 1: Basics of Japanese Cooking
  • Day 2: Home-style Meals, including Grilling Techniques
  • Day 3: Simmering and Braizing Techniq1ues; Rice Dishes
  • Day 4: Basic Sushi
  • Day 5: Advanced Sushi and Sashimi

The hands-on class runs for 5 hours each day.  You, yourself will do lots of cooking and enjoy an immense learning experience.  Additionally two of my favorite New York chefs, Jiro Iida from Aburiya Kin’nosuke (www.aburiyakinnosuke.com), and Masato Shimizu from 15 East (www.15eastrestaurant.com) will join Hiroko on Day 2 and Day 5 respectively to share their expertise and knowledge with us.


The class dates in 2011 are July 18th through 22nd and October 5th through 11th.  Let’s share a wonderful time together at ICC/FCI next year.  I am looking forward to seeing you!!!  Detailed information about the classes can be obtained from the school at www.internationalculinarycenter.com or write to me.

In addition to Five Day Course, Hiroko is teaching a single class of Basic Sushi, Ramen and Gyoza and Sushi and Sashimi classes throughout next year.   Check out my calender at the beggining of October.