Harold McGee and all-in-one breakfast bun

Posted on Oct 20, 2010 in Hiroko's Blog

We stopped at a local bread store for a cup of coffee on one morning in Kyoto.  Harold was enchanted with unusual looking extensively displayed varieties of “pan” (the name reminds us that bread was introduced by Portuguese in the 16th century) or, as we call them, breads in the display case.  In the case we saw so many varieties of breads.  These included curry pan (a deep-fried bun stuffed with Japanese curry),

piroshki (a Russian deep-fried bun stuffed with meat), a hot dog baked around sausages, small-size pizza, varieties of Danish pastries, melon bread (the name comes from the shape and color of the bun; a very fluffy bread), azuki bean paste stuffed bread, an animal-face bun, a very normal-looking French baguette and a seasonal Halloween pan.  Among all of these was one very unique all-in-one stuffed pan.  It was a cupcake-shaped pastry with hole inside filled with bacon and egg salad.  Harold was especially curious about this pan, so we purchased it for a taste and further investigation.  Here are the photos of the bread and our dissection. 

What we found inside after cutting the pan into two was bacon (not very thoroughly cooked by American standards, but in the way favored by the Japanese) and an egg preparation consisting of hardboiled chopped egg salad mixed with spinach).  What a wonderful breakfast idea – a complete bacon, egg and bread meal in a single bun.