Photos from Hinai-ya Yakitori restaurant

Posted on Oct 4, 2010 in Hiroko's Blog

Here are some of the photos from our delicious yakitori dinner at Hinai-ya last night.  One skewer of yakitori costs about $4.50 per skewer. So, It is not a cheap meal.  However, the quality is superb and you get what you pay for it.  The Hinai-ya restaurants are among many other restaurants which closely stands next each other in the narrow Ginza Corridor street (people call it “restaurant street”). 


If you like an inexpensive yakitori treat, there is a new-comer, casual and lively Yakitori bar restaurant where you stand and eat (similar to tapas bar in Spain).  Most of the yakitori at this bar is priced at $1 per skewer.  How can they do it so cheap?  The restaurant uses pre-prepared, frozen chicken (chicken was cut into pieces and placed on Yakitori skewers) comes from Thailand or other Asian country.  It is NOT special Hinai chicken which is delivered refrigerated to Hinai-ya restaurant just after slaughter, and processed – de-boned, cut into pieces and properly put on skewers – under Hinai-ya’s experienced chef’s supervision.  Well, saying that $1 per skewer Yakitori is not so bad.  After stressed office work hours,  there needs to be inexpensive places for ordinary Japanese business people where they can meet up, loosen up their pent up stress and enjoy after work hours with glasses of beer, sake or shochu with decent good food.

Sotry continues…..from Tokyo.