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January 2011

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My next book

Category: Hiroko's Blog

I am very pleased to write that I am now hard at work completing my next book. It will appear next year, 2012. As often happens in such projects, one of the last things to be decided is the title, so I can’t actually tell you that now.  But I would like to tell you what I am planning and hear any suggestions that you may have.

My first two books, The Japanese Kitchen and The Sushi Experience were devoted to telling my readers about the history, culture of Japanese cuisine and preparation of a...

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A Taste of the Past by Linda Pelaccio

Category: Hiroko's Blog

First of all I would like to let all of you know that the problem of accessing to archives was solved.  Thank you very much for your patience.

Yesterday Linda Pelaccio invited me to her show,  A Taste of the Past.   Linda discussed the tradition of “good luck round food” for the new year.  One of the topic was Japanese mochitsuki (rice pounding ceremony at the end of the year)..that’s why I was there and chatting over it.…  (type Hirok...

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Osechi Ryori

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

Happy New Year!!!  Here is New Year’s Feast, Osechi-ryori,which was prepared by my sister, Keiko Arakawa in Tokyo.  Keiko, unlike her two sisters, diligently prepares traditional elaborate New Year’s meals for her family every year.  Keiko shared with us her favorites recipes and here are some of them.  Thank you, Keiko.

Recipes by Keiko Arakawa;

Tazukuri (candied baby sardine): the name of the recipe sounds a bit scary, but this is a “must” dish, which in the past promised a good harvest ...

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