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February 2011

Monthly Archives February 2011

Hiroko’s Basic Sushi Class

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Here are some of the photos from my Basic Sushi Class.  Farryn Weiner, a very successful travel writer and blogger, who attended my sushi class at at International Culinary Center (ICC), NYC, last Friday took them and shared with me so that I can post them on my blog.    Please visit   Farryn is every place even on a private jet travelling….

Ramen and Gyoza class at ICC

Please join me at my next Sushi and Sashimi class (March 4th) and Basic sushi class (April 1st ) at ICC.

Making the gyoza dough

Farryn is making miso sauce for her ramen

This is our Chashu pork

Two color gyoza - pork and vegetarian

Delicious Ramen for slurp!


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Photos from my third book recipe development and testing

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Here are some of the photos for my file which I took during the past months recipe development.   I will post some more photos later.

Sake Braised ShortribsVarieties of Surinagashi Soups

Vegs-stuffed Okonomiyaki

Pork Shoulder the Japanese Way

Salmon Rice

Chicken Salad with Miso-Peanut Sauce

Lamb wonton in Dashi Broth

Quick New Omuraisu

Salmon, Shrimp and Veg. Agedashi

Chicken Ball Nabe Hot Pot

Spicy Miso Chicken Wings

Tofu Pattie Ganmodoki

Potato-au-gratain The Japanese Way


Crisp ...

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