La Bombance

Posted on May 22, 2011 in Hiroko's Blog

The name of this restaurants sound like a French establishment, but it is a one Michelin star Japanese restaurant, where a chef owner-chef Makoto Okamoto entertains his regulars and visitors with his creative dishes using seasonal fresh ingredients.   No chemically manipulated, unnatural dishes appear in his preparation.  You will enjoy the photos of the course which I savored.  It is a must visit place on your next trip to Tokyo ( 03-5778-6511).  Chef Okamoto is very humble, and, at the same time, ambitious.  His big dream is to open his restaurant in New York City someday in the future!Explanation of the photos;

1. First bite: crispy and chewy tapioca balls flavored with parmesan and shirasu (baby anchovies)
2. Second bite: lightly grilled Isaki (chicken grunt; I’m not kidding! ) fish sashimi
3. Third bite: bincho-tan charcoal grilled ayu (sweet fish) fry
4. Fourth bite: sticky rice stuffed simmered squid, yomogi (mugwort) tofu with scallop; the deep-fried sticky rice ball is topped with salt and vinegar cured aji (horse mackerel)
5. Fifth bite: corn chawanmushi (savory egg custard) with shaved black truffles
6. Sixth bite: sushi rice topped with uni (sea urchin)
7. Seventh bite: mitsuba no ohitashi (trefoil in ohitashi style)
8. Eighth bite: bincho-tan charcoal grilled juicy Jidori (free-range) chicken from Iwate prefecture with Fushimi togarashi (green long pepper from Fushimi, Kyoto)
9. Ninth bite: Japanese style fish soup
10. Tenth bite: assortment of seasonal vegetables
11. Eleventh: Shimabara somen (thin Japanese wheat noodles from Shimabara) with spicy dipping sauce