Essentials of Japanese Cuisine

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in Hiroko's Blog

The Essentials of Japanese Cuisine Course is approaching. The dates of the course is October 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th, 2011. This 25-hour intensive course is designed to give students a strong foundation in the essential techniques and theories behind Japanese cooking. Students will become familiar with various ingredients, flavors and cooking methods common to Japanese cuisine.

Session 1 (5 hours)
• The role of Kombu, Fish Flakes, Shoyu and Mirin
• Techniques of making Dashi and Kaeshi
• Preparing Udon
• Knife Sharpening

Session 2 (5 hours)
• Understanding Rice and Miso varieties
• Grilling
• Miso Soup
• Rice dish

Session 3 (5 hours)
• Understanding Braising and Simmering
• Identifying and using Sake, Sea Salts, and Seaweeds
• Preparing flavored Rice with Vegetables and Protein
• Presenting prepared dishes
Session 4 (5 hours)
• The history of Sushi in Japan and America
• Key Sushi ingredients
• Preparing Sushi Rice, Pickled Ginger, Sushi-dipping Shoyu, and rolled Omelet
• Preparing Rolls, including traditional, inside out, and thick rolls
• Presenting prepared dishes

Session 5 (5 hours)
• The history of Nigirizushi and Sashimi
• Understanding Fish for raw consumption
• Hygiene for Nigirizushi and Sashimi preparation
• Filleting whole Fish, cutting fish for Sashimi, and slicing Sushi with Japanese knives
• Preparing and presenting Nigirizushi and Sashimi platters
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