My baby/manuscript submitted

Posted on Oct 31, 2011 in Hiroko's Blog

Late last night I have submitted my manuscript (my third book) to my publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing. I felt like leaving my baby in the incubator at the publisher. Starting tomorrow editor-surgeons will apply all sort of surgeries (editing) to my baby to help her grow normal……..very worrisome!

My third book is all about how to enjoy Japanese meals in America using American ingredients – produces, large cut of meats (your favorite ribs is included), properly frozen fish – and Japanese cooking techniques (this is important) and flavoring ingredients (miso, shoyu, kelp,…). To make the preparation of Japanese meals at American home kitchen approachable (I know that there are so many people who scare to do), I categorized 125 recipes under 2 stocks and 4 sauces. I ask you at the beginning of the book to prepare these stocks and sauces and store them, frozen or refrigerated, in your refrigerator to enjoy quick preparation. 2 stocks are kelp stock and dashi stock. I even suggest you that (if kelp and fish flakes are hard to find in your local) you can replace them with readily available chicken stock and vegetable stock. Again, as I said before cooking in the Japanese way – preparation techniques -matters a lot. Conjunction with the book publication I am now seeking the production of basic sauces, so that you even do not need to make them in your home…grab a bottle and use it in my recipes. Japanese flavored meals are simple and easy. The name of the book…we are still debating.