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Every attendees enjoyed Nipponia!

Every attendees enjoyed Nipponia!

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Kiuchi Brewery ( was one of the featured companies at International Culinary Center’s Japanese Food Producers from Ibaraki Prefecture and Ramen Event yesterday. Kiuchi Brewery? This is the brewery which produces in Japan one of the best selling beers for the US market – Hitachino Nest Beer. The logo is a little, cute owl which stands out among competitors at bars and food stores. The old sake brewery, Kiuchi Jozo, which was founded in 1823, began production of beer under the rein of the present president, Toshiyuki Kiuchi, 15 years ago. Today the company have ten popular products, including red rice ale, pale ale, weizen, sweet stout and amber ale. At this event Mr. Kiuchi brought with him a new beer from his brewery! It is Nipponia. This beer is brewed using almost disappeared strain of Japanese barley along with the historic Sorachi Ace hops. The color of this beer is deep brown. A hint of citrus is hidden in rich, round flavor. Oishii!

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