Flavorful Chashu Pork and Shoyu Ramen

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

For my ramen demonstration and tasting offering at March 6th event Kurosawa Shoyu (another visiting food manufacturer from Ibaraki Prefecture and founded in 1905) donated me one of his company’s exclusive shoyu (soy sauce), Niemon Shoyu. Niemon Shoyu is produced using Saishikomi method. Ordinary shoyu is made with toasted wheat, steamed soybeans and salt water. In the Saishikomi method salt water is replaced with high quality produced shoyu, therefore the resulting shoyu has doubled or tripled flavor and aroma. Saishikomi mehod costs money to the company, but Kurosama Shoyu (https://www.fujini-shouyu.co.jp/) commits to produce shoyu which are exceptional. I flavored pork belly in the mixture of Niemon Shoyu, mirin and sake, and used the cooking liquid to flavor the ramen stock. Look at the attendees (photo) who are enjoying the very special ramen. Mr. Kurosawa has a big dream. He wants to market his shoyu someday in the future in USA. Ganbatte-kudasai.