Venerable old brewery’s challenge

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Yoshikubo Brewery was founded in 1790. Two hundred and twenty years ago. This is the year when the first State of the Union Address is given by first president, George Washington. The company’s long existence is impressive.

Today in Japan there are about 1500 brewers or could be less. Hundred years ago, the number of the brewers were sixteen times more. Sadly dramatically decreased number today continues to decrease.

Noriyuki Yoshikubo, younger brother of the twelfth generation of Yoshikubo Brewery, told us at the event at International Culinary Center that in Japan sake consumption has plummeted. Some responsible causes are 1) popularity of wine, 2) popularity of shochu and beer, 3) recent government’s tight regulation on drunken driving, and 4) consumers’ preference to low alcohol beverage.

In order to survive this difficult time Yoshikubo Brewery has recently introduced to a market a new low alcohol content beverage. They call it Usagi no Dance (dancing rabit). The production uses rice and wheat. The finished product has 6%alcohol content. The flavor of this sake is very noted – a touch of sweetness with refreshing lactic acid flavor. If you love nigori sake, this is for you. Yoshikubo Brewery produces over 20 varieties of traditional sake, including jumnai, ginjo and honjozo-shu. In order to survive and expand their production, Yoshikubo Brewery wants to sell their products in America. Send me a mail if you (distributors) are interested in their exclusivesake!

The day before the event Yoshiyuki san helped me in the kitchen at International Culinary Center to prepare ramen stock and chashu pork for the next day. He was a very focused, diligent and good cook. Thank you very much again for your great help!