Washington Post, May 22 by Katherine Tallmadge

Posted on May 30, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Bad food is good for you: By Katherine Tallmadge was very interesting article. Gluten is a culprit today. I respect the fact that about 1 percent of the population who cannot tolerate gluten and they must remove it from their diet. But so many others have joined the same camp. As Katherine says “wheat is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and the people who claimed loosing weight on gluten free diet is simply they did so because they passed the sweets and snack foods which are loaded with high calorie.” Now more and more gluten free desserts are available in the market. It is interesting for me to see if these dessert will become the cause of weight gain again. When it comes to eggs Katherine says that “the Japanese are some of the biggest egg eaters in the world, but the Japanese have low cholesterol and heart disease rates. This is because our diet is low in saturated fat.” Eggs are not served in Japan with high cholesterol sausage and bacon, and or are not cooked with lots of butter and cream for omelet and quiche. How about soy, which was also chosen as one of the 7 bad foods? In Japan we have been consuming soy bean based fermented products and tofu products for long years, but have one of the lowest breast cancer rates.

All food which we consume are good to our health when consumed properly and in proper portion. Selecting 7 good ingredients or 7 bad ingredients and indulging or starving on these selected items causes imbalance in our physical and mental well-being. I strongly believes that every food is made equal by the nature god. We should not discriminate them and should not torture their natural assets.