Day 5 Last Day of Essentials of Japanese Cuisine with Chef Masato Shimizu of 15East

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Chef Masato may be one of the most celebrated sushi chef in New York City. He is charming (very handsome), very low-key, generous and a very fun person (you cannot guess from his serious face during his work at 15 E!).We were so blessed to have Masato with us.

Each student received one whole fluke to tackle with it. A BIG CHALLENGE. Chef Masato first showed the students how to remove scales and how to fillet the fish into 2 back-side fillets and 2 belly-side fillets. Every student was very serious not to damage their fish too much, because they had to use it later in their sashimi and sushi preparation. Chef Masato, then, demonstrated nigirizushi, an acrobatic movement. Everyone was mesmerized. After the chef left we filleted mackerel, cured it in salt and vinegar and prepared sashimi platter. Then, each spent practicing nigirizushi rice balls, then moved on to making their own nigirizushi platter. Now students know that good sushi comes from far away – many years of apprenticeship, attention to quality and care.

In the evening we gathered at Aburiya Kinnosuke (213 East 45th Street) to celebrate the completion of the course. Chef Jiro prepared us memorable, delicious dinner. Thank you, Chef!