It Is Zuiki

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Is this rhubarb? Our neighbors Ray and Claudia asked me. This long, rhubarb looking vegetable is red zuiki, which is the stem of taro, and a specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture. It is sold fresh or dried. Dried zuiki has been a popular preserved food product since olden days. Fresh zuiki has pleasant crisp texture. In order to enjoy it we cook the zuiki in vinegar added water for about 2 minutes. After shocking it in cold ice water we cut it into pieces and use in salad dishes – dressed with sesame-vinegar dressing, vinegar-miso dressing, or simmer it with fried tofu or other ingredient. To preserve the cooked zuiki for a week or so we store it in vinegar added water and refrigerate. Pickled zuiki acquires pretty bright red color. It is the reaction of antocyanin in zuiki with vinegar.

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