RUIS, Nordic Rye Bread

Posted on Sep 15, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

One day a small vendor popped up at Union Square Market and started selling Nordic rye bread. They are offering a tiny portion of cucumber and cheese ruis sandwich. Once we have tasted it, we were addicted to the bread – robust rye and sourdough flavor, chewy (outside) at the same time crumbly tender (inside) texture and wholesomeness (use local organic rye flower). The company is Nordic Breads, based in Long Island City, NY. It became an absolute chore for us to purchase ruis on every Friday morning at the market for our weekend pleasure. We enjoy it with butter, cheese and home-made jam. During eating the bread and after eating it, I feel so happy and great physically and mentally.

The vendor sells small flat round ones ($1), a loaf and a large flat doughnut shaped one ($4). The value per price is great. A hole inside of the doughnut shaped ruis is for hanging it on a wooden pole for storage. I enjoy it with butter, cheese and home-made jam. You can discover more about it on www.NORDICBREADS.COM.
I will tweet the vendor photos.