Choice which I make

Posted on Nov 14, 2012 in Hiroko's Blog

Purchasing something cheap, poor quality ingredient is always a waste of my case. I buy a good quality kelp, shoyu, sea salt and sugar and use them in my kitchen. For example, let me explain about good quality shoyu. Good quality shoyu is made from good quality materials, soybeans and wheat. It is made in time and labor consuming fermentation process (not in an automated factory). Good quality shoyu is not just salty, but is packed with good, complex flavor (umami and other amino acids, and organic acids are produced during the lengthy fermentation process). I need good quality shoyu in my simmering dish or marinade just a right portion. When it comes to poorly flavored, inexpensive type made in automated factory, no matter I add it to my dish, it does not add much good flavor, but it gets saltier and saltier. Anyway, consuming good quality safe food product ensures our health as well.

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