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DeGustibus Cooking Class with Chef Sono

DeGustibus Cooking Class with Chef Sono

Category: Hiroko's Blog

November 12th was our Kaiseki Meal Class at DeGustibus Cooking Class in New York City. It was a great honor for us to offer the class. Thank you very much for joining our class! We enjoyed very much as (hope) you did. Hiroki Abe, executive chef at En, NYC, rushed to help me in the kitchen and at the back stage. It was a great pleasure to work with him. Thank you, Hiroki. Chef Sono brought with him his right hand guy from Kyoya, chef Moriyama.

Here are some of the photos from the class. My baby back rib and gingko nut appetizer in a cider paper. Chef Sono’s beautiful cherry salmon oshizushi, Chef Sono’s miso marinated, grilled black cod [very civilized, less sweet and clean tasted fish; other restaurants serve overly sweet fish; taste like candied fish], my braised short-rib dish, my takikomi gohan with chorizo sausage and shrimp, and Chef Moriyama’s dessert dish. Enjoy!

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