Try Limited Sake run in Spring!

Posted on Mar 15, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

This is not the continued story of sake production. I needed to pot this one between the stories, because Arabashiri will disappear soon from the restaurant/stores.

Do not miss the sake called Arabashiri at the beginning of spring – NOW! Traditional method of filtering sake is to transfer the fermented batch to large, tightly knitted, thick cotton sacs and place them one after another in a long, deep and large wooden box, called fune. Visit this site and check it out the sacs and fune in the photto posted at this site:

At first little sake seeps out from each sac without adding any presure. This very first filtered batch is collected, bottled without diluting with water nor pasteurization and sold as Arabashiri, “rough first run”. Arabashiri is slightly cloudy in color. Arabashiri has very fresh, strong taste with noted fragrance. Because of this Arabashiri attracts many fans in Japan. If you missed the chance of tasting Arabashiri this year, do not worry about it. Mark the calender (2014) and wait for next March. It is always good to have something which we can expect in the future in our life.