Cooking Vacation with Essentials of Japanese Cuisine, July 18-22

Posted on May 19, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

Why don’t you take a holiday to NYC and join a week-long Japanese Cooking Course at International Culinary Center? TRAVEL+LEISURE in April, 2013, featured The International Culinary Center as Best Cooking Schools Around the World. “The International Culinary Center in Manhattan has a star-studded faculty (Andre Soltner; Jacques Pepin; Jacques Torres), who have created short courses for home cooks on knife skills, tapas, pates – even on baking the perfect New York bagel. We love the Art of Japanese Cuisine program, led by chef and cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo.”

I will repeat the course, The Essentials of Japanese Cuisine – an extensive 5 day Japanese cooking course – this coming July. The course starts on July 18th, Thursday. Classes continue into Saturday and Sunday, and finishes on Monday, July 22. This will be a wonderful learn & have fun holiday for you, your friends and family in New York City! During the course two famous Japanese chefs – Masato Shimizu of 15 East (Monday) and Jiro Iida of Aburiya Kinnosuke (Tuesday) – will join us to demonstrate their honed skills. You can read and learn more about the course in my previous blogs posted in July and October, 2013. Or, simply send me an e-mail for questions.

Day 1: Have a general understanding of the philosophy behind Japanese cooking, Be familiar with kombu, fish flakes, shoyu and mirin, understand the techniques of making dashi, sauces, hand-made udon noodles and tempura

Day 2: Chef Jiro joins the class. Have a general understanding of the Japanese home cooking, Be familiar with rice and miso variety, Have mastered the techniques of making yakitori – we will use a special Japanese charcoal, Binchotan, Have mastered the techniques of using miso in several dishes.

Day 3: Have a general understanding of two of the most important Japanese preparation techniques – braising and simmering, Be familiar with sake, sea salt and seaweeds, Have mastered the techniques of preparing flavored rice, Have mastered the techniques of sake-braised short-ribs and seasonal vegetables

Day 4: Basic Sushi – Understand the history of sushi, Be familiar with sushi ingredients, Be familiar with green tea and methods of brewing tea, Prepare sushi rice, Japanese rolls and American inside-out rolls

Day 5: Nigirizushi and sashimi – Chef Masato joins the class, Understand the concept of fish for raw consumption, Understand kitchen hygiene for nigirizushi and sashimi preparation, Filleting a whole fish, cut fish for sashimi and sushi, Making sashimi platter, Master the methods for making nigirizushi

To register go to, click All Course in New York, Go to Serious Amateur Cooking Course. You will find Essential of Japanese Cuisine with Hiroko Shimbo or call 888-324-2433.

Looking forward to working with you in the kitchen! Hiroko