Season of Fish for Katsuobushi; Katsuo!

Posted on Jul 31, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

You know fish flakes which we use in the Japanese kitchen to prepare slight smoky, umami rich dashi (Japanese fish stock). This fish flakes is made from a fish, called skipjack tuna. In Japan we catch young, less oily skipjack tuna during spring time and process it to make katsuobushi, a hard woodlike block of dried fish (photo). To become this product fish is filleted, boned, steamed, smoked, dried in the sun and mold is applied. Molding does many things – remove...

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Arani, Simmered Fish Head and Bone

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 in Recipes

Arani is the best way to enjoy the meaty head part (cheak, neck and collar) and meaty bone of fish, which we call ‘ara’. Snapper/tai sea bream, hamachi/buri yellowtail, fluke/flounder and sake salmon are fit for Arani. When fish is small the head is cut in half and cooked as is. For large head – yellowtail or salmon – we cut it into bite sized pieces and cook. Arani uses sugar, shoyu and mirin to flavor the simmered fish. Fish is strongly flavored....

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Blue Moon Wild Snapper – Eat Head to Tail

Posted on Jul 24, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

Today’s my purchase is WILD snapper from Blue Moon. The quality was exellent that I could use for sashimi preparation. How to judge the freshness of fish for raw consumption? Look at eyes. Plump and as clear as mountain water. Gently press flesh. It springs up. Lift gill cover. You find bloody red gill. Observe tummy. It is round. And, more…whole fish just looks like out of the water. When you fillet please careful not to damage the gallbladder. When it breaks...

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