Fabulous Shiso from Two Guys From Woodbridge

Posted on Aug 24, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

Two Guys

Why my previously tweeted fabulous shiso juice and shiso salt tasted so good? Shiso leaves comes from Two Guys From Woodbridge farm in Hamden, CT. Yesterday at the Union Square Market I had an opportunity to talk with Eeah, one of the employees of the farm.

Two Guys From Woodbridge farm commits to produce healthy, clean, delicious and nutrients packed vegetables. The vegetables are farmed in one of the most advanced hydroponic-organic greenhouses in the country. One example; the plastic sheathing which they use on the greenhouses has an ability to filter out UV rays that are not helpful to the plants.

To bring the cleanest product to the customers is a company’s big mission. In order to perfect it farmers harvest vegetables wear gloves. Greens are so clean that you need no rinsing before tossing them with dressings.

Most importantly hydroponically grown vegetables ends up having up to 50 percent more vitamins such as vitamin a, B complexes, C and E than conventional counterpart.

Every Friday at Union Square Two Guys From Woodbridge sets their vendor booth at South West location. Drop by and go for shiso or any produces which are remarkably clean, delicious and nutritious.