Impressed with This Knife So Much

Posted on Aug 25, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog


I will put this knife on my Birthday wish list. I never tried a knife like this before, which cut firm carrot so beautifully, clearly, cleanly, perfectly and effortlessly.

I was shopping at MTC Kitchen (711   3rd Avenue, NYC) on this Friday. A manager of the store came to me and asked if I want to try TAKAMURA knife. He highly recommended it to me. I was not shopping for the knife for myself so I reluctantly tried it. Then, I fell in love with it.  I never cut a piece of firm carrot so effortlessly. When I touched the surface of the sliced wet carrot, with its natural juice, it was smooth like a silk cloth.

No wonder the worlds most famous chefs, both in Japan and outside of Japan, go after TAKAMURA knife. Eli Kaime of Per Se (NYC), Jeorge Mendes of Aldea (NYC), Rene Redzepi of Noma (Denmark), Hiromi Yamada of Restaurant HiroSofi (Tokyo), Narisawa Yoshihiro of Narisawa (Tokyo),…are few of them.

TAKAMURA knife is manufactured by Takamura Hamono Seisakujo (Takamura Knife Factory) in FukuiPrefecture, where in the past was famous for the production of high quality agriculture equipments. The Takamura Hamono company today is run by three brothers, Koichi Takamura, Hideo Takamura and Masato Takamura, whose farther inherited the family business from his grandfather and founded a knife specialty business, Takamura Hamono Seisakujo in 1945.

No advertisement necessary. The quality knives produced by three brothers continue to impress a new group of chefs, who recommend TAKAMURA knives to other group of chefs who care about quality knife.