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Not Just Delicious Juice, but More from Shiso

Not Just Delicious Juice, but More from Shiso

Category: Hiroko's Blog

dried shiso, tressagreen and purple side shisobright shiso juice

You can get more from making your own delicious shiso juice. This time I used shiso which has a leave with two strong colors -top part green and the bottom, purple. Here I got much intense reddish purple shiso juice.

After using shiso leaves do not throw them away. Youc an make very cool shiso salt. Pat dry the leaves between paper towels to remove excess water. Toss them with generous amount of salt and dry them. This salt is perfect for sprinkling over hot steamed rice, dredging onigiri rice balls, mixing in softned butter, sprinkling on just harvested sliced tomatoes….! The true summer enjoyment.

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