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September 2013

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Are You Enjoying Hiroko’s American Kitchen?

Category: Hiroko's Blog

rice veg with misoveg and miso bana caudaThen, you do not miss to prepare these two dishes using locally available ingredientsat this moment .

One is the stir-fried rice. I use all leftover vegetables in my refrigerator. This time they are onion, yellow zucchini, green zucchini, carrot and broccoli. For protein I added can of tuna. All stir-fried together with cooked and refrigerated rice, and flavored at the very end with Spicy Miso Sauce. What a satisfactory lunch in 15 minutes!

The other photo shows blanced seasonal vegetables serve...

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Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

kingfish Blue Moonkingfish filletsalt grilled kingfishMiso kingfish

I feel a bit guilty to continue to post another discovery of delicious wild fish when the resource of the ocean is getting less and less, and consuming locally caught wild fish has become scarce for the majority. But,…..

This week I found a wild Kingfish at Blue Moon. Another fish which I have never encountered in my life. Fishmonger’s comment on its fatty and delicious meat and relatively inexpensive price – $3.50/pound – pursuaded me to purchase the fish...

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Les Dames d’Escoffier

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Les DamesFourteen new members, including me, celebrated to becoming a member of The New York Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier last night at Cosmopolitan Club, NYC. I am very honored and pleased to work with distinguished members and share my expertise to contribute to the organization’s mission.

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Moist Young Ginger Cake

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

ginger cakeginger cake with lemon sherbetAfter making Ginger Tea Base (see the recipe in my previously posted blog), I ended up with the julienned young ginger, which was used to infuse the water. These ginger strips have slightly sweet and acid flavor, and are great to add to your hot ginger tea or snack them on. But this maybe the best idea. Julienned ginger makes a great ginger cake which should be served with your ginger tea.

Here is the recipe:

1 cup all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 pinches salt

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Ginger Tea

Category: Hiroko's Blog

ginger teaginger cake

Young ginger, shinshoga, is not just for making gari. Young ginger makes delicious ginger tea. This version is honey added. You can do it with sugar or without honey nor sugar. The strained ginger infused liquid is strongly flavored – spicy and sweet. I cut it with hot water (1 tablespoon ginger tea base for a tea cup) and drink it as a ginger tea. It has slight spiciness and touch of sweetness. This ginger tea really warms up my body. A perfect drink during cold season.

Ginger Tea Base

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Onec a Week Meat&Fishless Day is a Good Idea

Category: Hiroko's Blog

beet soup with shiso sherbetfried vegIt is not because of Germany’s Green Party’s idea, but in the past two years we have been enjoying once a week meat&fishless day at home. The week meal plan at my home goes like this. We indulge on wild, local fish for three (3) days thanks to Blue Moon. I buy a whole chicken for two (2) days meal. The remaining two (2) days is devoted to red meat (most of the time, lamb or pork) and vegetable day.

I prepare vegetables in the Japanese way, so no dairy products, including cheese, is used...

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Sweet Pickled Ginger, Gari

Category: Hiroko's BlogRecipes

new gingerblanched before pickling30 M pickled

Here is the sweet pickled ginger, gari, recipe. Please make sure that you use young ginger, so that they turn to lovely pink color. Norwich Meadows Farm has gorgeous young ginger.

Gari Recipe (Adopted from The Sushi Experience)

14 ounces young ginger

1/2 cup rice vinegar

1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon sugar

2 teaspoons salt

Clean the young ginger with a hard brush. Cut the ginger lengthwise into paper-thin slices.

Mix the rice vinegar, 1/4 cup of water, salt and sugar in...

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Make Your Own No-Chemical-Added Pink Gari, Pickled Ginger

Category: Hiroko's Blog

new gingerphoto30 M pickled

Zaid recently brought to Union Square Greenmarket his first, successful harvest of young ginger, shinshoga. Shinshoga, is a young ginger as opposed to old ginger, whose skin is light brown, flesh is yellow in color, and texture is firm & stingy. Rhizome of young ginger is moist, crisp and smooth. The color of its skin and flesh are white. This is the ginger which we use to make gari, pickled ginger, which accompanies sushi and sashimi dishes at Japanese restaurants.

Gari served at Japanese rest...

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Play it. Hope You can Find the Difference

Category: Hiroko's Blog

Click the below link and please listen to the sound of music from iPhone, which is in theĀ masu cup and outside of the cup. When the iPhone is placedĀ in the masu cup the sound of the music amplifies.

This is a unique gift for the coming holiday seasons – Masu Sake Cup as iPhone Rest and Amplifier.

masu sounds

You can find the products on Cookbooks Plus page-

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Looks Like Beef, Brad Commented

Category: Hiroko's Blog

whole jackhead offzenbu oroshi2 backs 2 bellysjacka shioyakiuroko tori

shioyaki jack

When I filleted the fish, I found its flesh as bright red as a piece of beef. Here in the photo you see the attractive beefy color of the flesh of Crevalle Jack. Filleting produced good portion size of two back fillets and two belly fillets. I decided to cook the back fillet part first using a traditional Japanese Shioyaki (salt grilling), since this method brings out the best flavor of the fish...

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