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Are You Enjoying Hiroko’s American Kitchen?

Are You Enjoying Hiroko’s American Kitchen?

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rice veg with misoveg and miso bana caudaThen, you do not miss to prepare these two dishes using locally available ingredientsat this moment .

One is the stir-fried rice. I use all leftover vegetables in my refrigerator. This time they are onion, yellow zucchini, green zucchini, carrot and broccoli. For protein I added can of tuna. All stir-fried together with cooked and refrigerated rice, and flavored at the very end with Spicy Miso Sauce. What a satisfactory lunch in 15 minutes!

The other photo shows blanced seasonal vegetables served with miso-Bagna Cauda. Here I have red radish, string beans, carrot and Spigalleli broccoli leaves.  Another delightful vegetable dish.



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