Ron Zacapa

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

I have never tasted in my life such a quality rum as Ron Zacapa, which has silky, rich texture and refined mellow sweet flavor, hinted with a touch of honey and cocoa. The high quality of Ron Zacapa comes from the quality production process. The production uses first press of sugar cane juice, which is reduced to thick texture, and solera aging method. Ron Zacapa is aged 23 years.REDZacapa ron Here is a photo of Carlos, who is representing the Ron Zacapa at this event. One of his lucky chores at the event it to enjoy several glasses of extremely tasty Ron Zacapa with dinner guests throughout the dinner.

I was lucky to be one of the chefs who were invited to cook lunch and dinner events for the Ron Zacapa Event in Bogota, Columbia. My part was over last week, but the event lunch and dinner continue for another two weeks or so.

I have created recipes, which use Ron Zacapa in braising meat, without knowing the price (it is very expensive) of the Ron Zacapa. I have used four bottles of it in the preparation. The resulting meat was delicious.

REDudon obento boxREDZacapa dinnerHere are some of the photos from the event. Home-made udon with Kakiage tempura with Columbian vegetables, Obento box with sashimi, braised pork belly, simmered vegetables and flavored rice; Sashimi served with hot rock, short-ribs with rum in the Japanese way and pressed salmon sushi with Japanese omelet and shiitake mushroom. Thank you very much for chefs Alejandro and Alvaro for your professionalism and creativity. Your desserts with Japanese touch made my menu complete. Thank you for all cooks who assisted me in the kitchen: Alex, John Smith, Carlos, Jason, Jason, Camila, Joaquin, Francisco…Hope to see you and work with you again.REDAlvaro Alejandro