Ramen & Gyoza Class

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

Thank you for joining the Ramen & Gyoza Class last Friday at International Culinary Center. Long cooked stock with pork bones, chicken, kelp, fish flakes, onions and garlic was lean and flavorful. Everyone found making hand-made noodles easy, because we short cut the process with noodle cutting machine. Very good idea. While resting the noodle dough, we made crisp gyoza and enjoyed as an appetizer. Looking forward to offering another Ramen Class soon at ICC. Here are...

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My Mother’s End of the Year Ritual

Posted on Nov 21, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

At this time of the year I yearn my mother’s pickled hakusai, Chinese cabbage. It has lactic acid tinged, sweet and salty flavor. It is amusingly crunchy and it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. So, these days I roam Greenmarket to find the best and largest head of organic Chinese cabbage. My mother pickled about two dozen heads of cabbage at the end of each year, all of which weighed about 5 pounds. Washing cabbage one after another in ice cold water turned her hands red like a...

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Gingko Nuts Rice in Two Ways

Posted on Nov 18, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

Here are two gingko nuts rice recipes – Japanese style and Italian style. To prepare for these dishes crack the hard shell of each gingko nut with a gingko nut cracker (or gently hit with a hammer like object) and carefully remove the inside nut. The inside nut is tender and breakable. Bring water in a pot to a boil, add a little salt and cook the gingko nuts for about 4 minutes or until the nuts are bright green. During cooking you see the thin brown skin which...

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Parsnip Recipe for Parsnip Lover

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

What we see toward the end of the year at Greenmarket is lots of root vegetables, stored winter squashes, potatoes and onions. Frost friendly spinach and collard greens sometimes mingle with them. Among root vegetables I love cooking parsnip at this time of the year, because it tastes delicious in kinpira preparation. Kinpira is a dish, in which thin strips of burdock is sautéed in oil and flavored with shoyu, sugar and red chile pepper. Although the crunchy texture of...

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Slurp A Bowl of Ramen which You Made

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

Ramen and Gyoza with Hiroko Shimbo Join me this  coming November 22nd, Friday, at International Culinary Center to challenge on preparing a delicious bowl of Ramen and Gyoza. https://www.internationalculinarycenter.com/courses/ny/rec/cul/ramen_and_gyoza_with_hiroko_shimbo Simmer, chop, and stir your way to a great bowl of ramen served with gyoza, in this fun hands-on class featuring two Japanese favorites.  “In every bowl of noodle soup there is a drama.” —Hiroko Shimbo...

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