Ramen & Gyoza Class

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 in Hiroko's Blog

ramen smallgyoza classramen class visitorThank you for joining the Ramen & Gyoza Class last Friday at International Culinary Center. Long cooked stock with pork bones, chicken, kelp, fish flakes, onions and garlic was lean and flavorful. Everyone found making hand-made noodles easy, because we short cut the process with noodle cutting machine. Very good idea. While resting the noodle dough, we made crisp gyoza and enjoyed as an appetizer. Looking forward to offering another Ramen Class soon at ICC. Here are some of the photos from the class. Do you recognize a man with red shirt with pig drawing? A drummer at Conan O’brien’s show. He was not the student of my Ramen and Gyoza class, but was visiting his friend who is a chef at ICC. He came into my class room to say hi¬†where I was cooking the stock with pork bones….