Proud of My Step-Daughter

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

Kelly salad makingKelly kale saladDuring last holiday season we visited my step-son, David, and his family, Kelly and Chloe in Los Angeles. Kelly, my step-daughter, was eager to learn several recipes from Hiroko’s American Kitchen. We decided to make one basic broth and one basic sauce – kelp stock and White Sumiso Sauce. Kelly was surprised that making of these basics is so simple and easy. OK, I should make a tape of it so that anyone can watch and follow. Anyway, we had a good start. Then, Kelly chose kale salad, cauliflower soup, kabocha squash soup and baked salmon from Hiroko’s American Kitchen to complete our venture. We cooked together – one of my high points of my 2013 – and produced dishes which all family members, including Jill, David’s cousin, agreed that they were delicious. David recently sent me photos of Kelly prepping for another kale salad and “Kelly’s kale salad”, which she made for their big New Year’s party with friends. As you can see, she decorated the salad with shredded cheese.  Hope Kelly shared the kale salad recipe and spread the words of easy, healthy and delicious cooking, which anyone can do with Hiroko’s American Kitchen.

David and Sushi (2)Oh, we also made the sushi rolls together  – spicy tuna rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, avocado and pickled cucumber rolls. Exceptional attorney can make such a bad sushi! David, practice!