Essentials of Japanese Cuisine at ICC is Coming Soon!

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

cooking-classes-hirokoI am going to repeat Essentials of Japanese Cuisine at ICC from July 17th through 21st.

Essentials of Japanese Cuisine is an extensive 5 day Japanese cooking course offered at InternationalCulinaryCenter (former French Culinary Institute). The classes are hands-on. You will smell, touch, cook, learn and taste delicious Japanese dishes. Here is the link to and register the course:

You can also call the school to register. Telephone number is 888-324-2433.

Two Big Chef joins the Essentials of Japanese Cuisine. Chef Jiro Iida of Aburiya Kinnosuke will come to teach us the techniques of yakitori on Tuesday. One Michellen star chef Masato Shimizu will teach us on sushi and sashimi technique on Friday.

Detailed class info:

Day 1: Have a general understanding of the philosophy behind Japanese cooking, Be familiar with kombu, fish flakes, shoyu and mirin, understand the techniques of making dashi, sauces, hand-made udon noodles and tempura

Day 2: Chef Jiro Iida joins. Have a general understanding of the Japanese home cooking, Be familiar with rice and miso variety, Have mastered the techniques of making yakitori – we will use a special Japanese charcoal, Binchotan, Have mastered the techniques of using miso in several dishes

Day 3: Have a general understanding of two of the most important Japanese preparation techniques – braising and simmering, Be familiar with sake, sea salt and seaweeds, Have mastered the techniques of preparing flavored rice, Have mastered the techniques of sake-braised short-ribs and seasonal vegetables

Day 4: Basic Sushi – Understand the history of sushi, Be familiar with sushi ingredients, Be familiar with green tea and methods of brewing tea, Prepare sushi rice, Japanese rolls and American inside-out rolls

Day 5: Chef Masato Shimizu joins. Nigirizushi and sashimi –Understand the concept of fish for raw consumption, Understand kitchen hygiene for nigirizushi and sashimi preparation, Filleting a whole fish, cut fish for sashimi and sushi, Making sashimi platter, Master the methods for making nigirizushi

Let’s get cooking Japanese! Hiroko