News from El Cielvo y El Oso

Posted on Mar 17, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

If you are a repeater to my blog posting you remember the story of the restaurant, El Cielvo y El Oso, which I posted last year. El Cielvo y El Oso became the Most Favorite Restaurant in Bogota 2013. Big Congratulations to chefs, Marcela Arango and Camilo Ramirez.

That is not the end of the story about these facinating young chefs. Marcela and Camilo was nominated as one of the six best young chefs of 2014 by La Barra organization. It is a Bogota version of James Beard Foundation nomination and award celebration. What a big honor to have two nomination from one restaurant! I know Marcela and Camilo very well so I am very happy about it.

Here are other chefs who are nominated; Natalia Ramirez, Jaime Rodriguez, Alejandro Cueller, Laura Londono. Here I see Alejandro Cueller’s name as well. I cooked with him several times in Bogota. Alejandro has a very sensitive approach to his beautiful and tasty creations. A big Congratulation to Alejandro.

Tha finalist will be selected on April 29th. I look forward to it.

Now you know that when you are heading to Bogota, you must try El Cielvo y El Oso.  Again, big Congratulations to Marcela, Camilo and Alejandro.