Quality Miso is Good for Women

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

Great Eastern Sun! We loved the Miso Master Miso, in our miso paste for miso ramen. It was a surprise for some to learn that traditional, good quality miso is made (not in Japan, but) in America. By the way I use your quality miso – non-GMO, organic, kosher – everyday in my kitchen in order to enjoy miso soup both in the traditional Japanese way and in the new Hiroko’s American Kitchen way. When I open the lid of your miso tub the message written on the...

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Ramen, ramen, ramen…..and Gyoza

Posted on May 17, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

                  Thank you for joining Ramen Class with Hiroko last Friday evening at InternationalCulinaryCenter. Great full class! Chef Deniz and Student Assistants, Cristos, Shidaree and Alejandro, thank you for assisting me to run the class smooth. Everyone was impressed with the texture and flavor of home-made ramen noodles. The use of pasta machine made the process of ramen noodle making for students a piece of cake...

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Making Ceviche Hurt my Wallet

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

Last November I blogged (https://hirokoskitchen.com/2013/11/anyone-weakfish/) about locally harvested weakfish, which is called by the sales staffs at the Blue Moon fishmonger as “ocean trout”. This past Wednesday I spotted the weakfish again. A large one. Since I loved the flavor of the fish – steaming brings out the best flavor of the fish -, I purchased it whole for making ceviche…not sashimi. The fish which I brought back to my kitchen passed all...

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Same Delicious Sauce with Spring Vegetables

Posted on May 12, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

The Spinach Sumiso Sauce and The Sumiso Bagna Cauda Sauce (Hiroko’s American Kitchen), which I served with steamed Porgy at Union Square Greenmarket Event the other day, pairs beautifully with spring vegetables. Here are some of the dishes which I enjoyed this weekend. Oven baked carrot and quick sautéed asparagus and ramps with Spinach Sumiso Sauce. Whole wheat penne and fiddlehead fern lightly tossed with Sumiso Bagna Cauda. Baked sweet potato & kabocha squash...

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Meaty, Sweet Wild Steamed Porgy with Japanese Flavors

Posted on May 8, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog, Recipes

Thank you very much for visiting our booth – Union Square Greenmarket Fish Filleting Demo at Union Square Greenmarket yesterday. What a gorgeous sunny day we had!  Today, it is raining and cold again. Glad that you have enjoyed watching my porgy filleting demo, and tasting the steamed porgy with three different sauces. All of you liked its meaty texture and sweet flavor of the fish. According to Stephanie of Blue Moon porgy is abundant in our water, so we should enjoy...

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