Making Ceviche Hurt my Wallet

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Hiroko's Blog

RdcdCEVICHELast November I blogged ( about locally harvested weakfish, which is called by the sales staffs at the Blue Moon fishmonger as “ocean trout”. This past Wednesday I spotted the weakfish again. A large one. Since I loved the flavor of the fish – steaming brings out the best flavor of the fish -, I purchased it whole for making ceviche…not sashimi. The fish which I brought back to my kitchen passed all of my test – eyes, gills, intestines, flesh, blood and parasite. For the preparation of ceviche I used some Japanese sashimi techniques – lightly salt curing the filleted fish before marinating it in lime juice, and cutting it into thin sashimi slices. My very fresh weakfish, which was cut into thin slices, needed less lime juice to cure than I expected. This was a good news. I paid $1.20 for a piece of lime for making ceviche. Here is more information about lime shortage and its ridiculous price.